A unique film is trying to get made- be a part of it and get something in return.

This crowdfunding campaign is not offering the usual run-of-the-mill 'rewards' you often see.

Here you will find fun and interesting stuff, like handmade cocktail inventions, Director/Composer (formerly of the UK band Laika) inspiration playlists, signed film props, personalised decks of cards, mystery 35mm snapshots of the shoot...

...PLUS the Director has some of the most interesting filmmakers in the world as mentors- And they have personalised some things that are one of a kind- cinephile collectors get in fast! There are DVDs but also some mystery items that will be weird and memorable. And I'll venture worth a lot more in a few years than what you donate for them now!

You can even have a character in the film named after you. Or be one of only THREE people to own copyright of a Super8 can of behind the scenes footage on this film (again worth a fortune one day I think!). Or you could go to the Cannes Film Festival with the Director. And more...

So please have a look and take a second to consider helping this worthwhile project- be a part of film history!

Papagajka - a psychological thriller set in Sarajevo